The Design

Shady Shelters are designed for use on horse corrals and portable corrals that are built using metal panels (such as Priefert pipe fencing) or VERY sturdy 2"x6" wood fencing.

The Shelters are excellent to use in the pasture, foaling paddocks, at horse shows, or while on trail rides.  

Highlights of our Product


Check This Out!

  • A Unique, one of a kind Product
  • Portable OR Permanent Shelter
  • Designed for Horse Owners, by Horse Owners
  • High Quality Materials and Workmanship
  • Easy Installation
  • Quick Set-up and Take-Down
  • Stores Easily
  • Built to Last with Proven Design
  • A Building Permit is NOT needed
  • Can provide shade or all agriculture livestock

Standard Shelter


The Standard 4 Foot Shelter

The standard model comes with 4 foot legs, which is normally the perfect height for most horse, and horse owners' needs.  It includes all the frame work for the shelter, fittings, cables for stability,  4 foot legs, brackets for attaching to the fence, and a 8'x10' foot tarp.


Standard Shelter - Roof measures 10'x6'; legs are 4 feet long


The Shelter fits on a 10 foot  wide, or 12 foot wide panel or wider section.  The attaching brackets fit on 1 1/2" to 2" round tube rails.

The standard  Shelter is shipped with an 8'x10' tarp and 26 bungees.  One box, 72"x4"x4" contains the frame and legs, the second box contains all of the fittings and brackets, cables and tarp.  We ship UPS Ground.

Replacement Tarps and Bungees may be ordered.  Call for current pricing.

Also a DVD is included, that shows specific assembly of the Shelter.  Please watch the video first, before assembling the Shelter.  You will need a second person to help you with the assembly.

See the Trailer Option below.

Cost of a Shady Shelter - $625.00 EACH

  • Due to increased cost of all of the materials we use in manufacturing the Shelter, as well as increased shipping costs, we have found it necessary to raise our prices.
  • Price Does Not Include Shipping and Handling.
  • Discount on shipping costs when ordering more than 2 shelters when shipped to the same address.
  • Non-profit Organizations receive a discount on the cost of the Shelter

Our Shady Shelters are built 'ranch tough', to last for years.  The shelters are made from 14 gauge by 2" Square and 12 gauge by 2 1/4" galvanized square steel tubing to form the two end frames, which can be taken apart for easy shipping, easy transport, and easy storage.  The steel in this tubing is very tough (standing up very well to twisting and bending forces), and lasts for years.

High strength MIG welding is used whenever welding is required, which gives permanent strength and stability, for years of continual use in the open.

Painted sections, such as the welded angles, fence rail grips, and top end caps are also made of the same galvanized steel square tubing.  The welded areas are painted with Rustoleum brand spray paint for long-term protection and good looks.

Regarding the Tarps:  The standard tarp is 8"x10" and is included with the cost of the Shelter.  It is a silver/ gray vinyl on top and black on the underneath side.  These tarps are ordered to fit the frame, however, they may vary somewhat in the size.  Replacement tarps can be ordered.

Super Heavy Duty Tarps are available as a Special Order, and added cost.

The Tarp - Specifications for the Super Heavy Duty Tarp

The Tarp is:

  •  Super vinyl coated with polyester
  • It is waterproof, 
  • 22 mil thick, 
  • UV resistant, 
  • High tear and abrasion resistant, 
  • Heat sealed seams, and 
  • Grommets approximately every 2 feet 



Helpful Information



The Shelter arrives in two packages, each of which is easy to carry and manage by two people.  Total combined weight is 80 lbs.  Initial setup takes approximately 30 minutes.  

The frames "hang" on the top rail of the corral section, using the brackets included, and the lower "slider" grips, slide up to lock in the frames to the underside of the lower corral rails.  An electric drill is required to drill two small holes and to easily install the heavy-duty steel screws that hold the Shelter together.  It is NOT NECESSARY OR REQUIRED to drill into or modify your corral panels or wooden fencing in order to install the Shelter.

Once assembled, two people can easily install the Shelter onto a corral section, or carry to another location.  it can also easily be taken apart and transported to your  campsite.  First remove the tarp, loosen the turn buckles, and remove the wire rope cross pieces.  Then the entire frame work will simply pull apart into two end frames and he round tubing cross pieces.  To remove the Shelter from the corral section, all you need to do is release the two high strength screws from the lower sliders, drop them free of the corral rail, and gently lower the entire Shelter to the ground.

Securing a tarp to the Shelter - The ball-end bungee cords that we provide are easy to apply and provide some stretch between the tarp and the frame, and if one should fail, the others are not affected.  The tarps we use are super heavy duty, excellent quality and fit snuggly to the frame.  The bungees are also top quality.  Note:  It is very important that the bungees are used to secure the tarp to the frame.  DO NOT use rope or twine.


1)  Where is the SUN coming from in the mornings and afternoons?

If you set up the Shelter where the sun will shine into it all day long, it is not going to do its job.  Try to place it where the back of the Shelter is toward the sun's track through the day, during the summer.  During the winter, since the Shelter is easy to move, yo can relocate it to the opposite side.

2)  Which direction does the wind blow from?

This is especially important during storms.  The Shelters can take a lot of abuse, but the best location is to have the back of the Shelter to the wind.  This will ease the strain on the Shelter and corral.

3)  The Shelter was designed to be used on corral panels.

These panels are usually fabricated from round thin walled steel tubing of various diameters.  They come in sections, usually around 5' tall, and 10' to 16' feet long.

The Shelters can be attached to sturdy wood fencing, however we would like to visit with you to assure all safety issues are considered.   DO NOT attempt to attch your Shelter on any of the plastic board fencing.


Special Order


6 Foot Legs

Occasionally, folks want a shelter that is higher than the standard 4 foot legs.  6 foot legs can be ordered by special request.  

Call for Pricing


Shelter Versatility

Rider and horse can use the round pen comfortably, while riding or training.


One of a Kind

As far as we know, the Shady Shelter is unique to the market.  

There is none other like it!  

Special Brackets for Trailer Add-on


Shady Shelters produces an innovative and unique product that you can use as a portable or permanent shelter for your horses and other livestock. Brackets can be special ordered so that you can attach the shelter to your horse trailer, along with water and feed buckets, when on a camp out, or trail ride.  These brackets do not come with the standard shelter, but are a special order.

Our Warranty

Each Shady Shelter....

Is warranted against defective workmanship and/or defective materials for a period of One Year from the purchase date.  Any defective part will be repaired or replaced, at no charge, IF it has not been tampered with or modified, AND the Shelter has been assembled, installed, and used according tot he directions provided with the Shelter.  This warranty includes the frame and fittings ONLY - it does not include tarps or bungees.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, as well as other rights which vary from state to state.  Manufacturer  (Shady Shelters LLC, or Ann Warren or Marshel Warren), shall not be liable for any special or consequential damages for breach of any written or implied warranty.  Some states do not allow the exclusion of limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation may not apply to you.

Shady Shelters LLC, (or Ann Warren or Marshel Warren), will not be held responsible for any damage to fencing or paneling, or other structures or objects, or to the Shelter itself, or injury or death of human or animal life, due to elements of nature or incorrect or correct installation of product, or any other cause.

Purchaser and/or user accepts full responsibility.


If you have ANY questions or concerns regarding the Shady Shelter, at ANY TIME, please contact Ann Warren.  Ann is CEO and Owner of Shady Shelters and is very interested in any suggestions or concerns you may have.  She can be contacted at 970-685-2783 (office) or at 970-215-9488 (cell), or by our Contact Form.

Our Mailing Address:

Shady Shelters, LLC

4421 West County Road 4

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Attn:  Ann Warren