Shady Shelters, a Family-Operated Business


This Family-Operated business was started in 2009, and born out of necessity five years earlier, in 2004.  (They say necessity is the 'Mother of Invention').  They had worked long and hard before that, to bring to you the very best protection for your horses in this truly portable shelter. 

Marshel invented and designed this portable shelter, which started as a shelter for a quarantine paddock. It was further developed to be protection from the elements on the ranch and even while hunting and trail riding trips in the Rocky Mountains west of Berthoud, Colorado. 


About Us

Shady Shelters is a family-operated business providing portable shelters for your horses and other agriculture livestock, offering protection from the elements.

Ann is the CEO, Marshel acts as Vice President and MMG, (Main Manufacturing Guru).  Their daughter also helps out, when Marshel needs a hand.

Having owned and raised horses for over 35 years, they are familiar with the their needs and what makes them feel comfortable and secure.  Most horses would rather stand under the portable Shady Shelter than in a stall or barn, as the air moves around them and they don't have as many flies bothering them, as in a barn.

Now residing in Berthoud, Colorado, we enjoy camping, riding, fishing and raising our Mini Australian Puppies.  They keep us laughing and VERY busy!